Yan-Dong Guo
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Contact Information


Name Yan-Dong Guo

Current position


College of Electronic Science and Engineering,

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT),

9 WenYuan St., Qixia District, Nanjing, China

Email yandongguo@njupt.edu.cn







Personal Information









M.S.& Ph.D. Condensed Mater Physics, Nanjing University of Aeronauticsand Astronautics (NUAA)


B.S.Applied Physics, NUAA



Honors and Awards



Advanced Individual in Scientific Research (NUAA)


Star of Scientific Research(NUAA)


Merit Student (NUAA)


Up-and-coming Scientific Researcher(NUAA)


Provincial-Level Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis (Jiangsu)


Research Experience


Ph.D. project



Electronic transport in coupled nanostructures

Prof.Xiao-Hong Yan

Study the (spin-dependent) electron transport in coupled nano-systems, e.g., metal-molecule junction, organic/inorganic interface, nanoture-wire or graphene-wire structures, and etc.





Properties and computational methods of electronic transport for complex magnetic orderand correlated systems

National Science Foundation of China

Study how electron-electron interaction effect, spin-orbit coupling effect andnoncollinear magnetic effect play a role in electronic transport.

(Co-Investigator, 2014-2017)




Electronic transport and devicedesign in carbon-based nanostructures

Provincial Education Department of Jiangsu

Studythe intrinsic electron transport feature and design useful devices for individualand coupled carbon structures.

(Principle Investigator, 2011-2013)





Coherent electron transport and itsmodulation in coupled quantum systems

National Science Foundation of China

Focuson the modulation of electron transport under the electric and magnetic fields.

(Co-Investigator, 2009-2011)




The simulation of the structure and function of the neural network in brain


Setup a model to simulate the activities of the neural network, and especially investigate the self-organized criticality (SOC) in the system.

(Principle Investigator, 2007-2008)

Summer school



DNA dynamics and Life Strategies

Niels Bohr Institute (Copenhagen,08/2012)

The school focuses on quantitative aspects of biological regulatory dynamics.





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Related Skills

Programming  C, C++, Fortran, Python



Tools   UNIX Shell scripts, Matlab, LATEX, ATK, VASP



Systems   Linux, Windows